Based in Denver, Kinspire is the leading pediatric occupational therapy platform designed to pair expert therapists with parents. Families receive around-the-clock support from their Kinspire therapist with unlimited messaging services, a live 1:1 monthly session, daily parent education, and ongoing access to Kinspire’s mobile app and video library to monitor and measure progress.
Screenshot of Kinspire webapp user dashboard

Make occupational therapy more accessible, affordable, and effective

  • Virtual 1:1 Sessions

    The mobile application enables focused coaching and/or direct therapy that can be scheduled or arranged as needed.

  • Family Action Plan

    Experienced pediatric occupational therapists at Kinspire create and curate an action plan for families based on their goals.

  • Secure Chat Support

    Families and Kinspire experts can exchange text, photos, and videos in a secure manner.

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End-to-end Digital Solution Delivery

Kinspire approached us to create the technical solutions needed to develop and launch a new mobile application specializing in pediatric occupational therapy. Our objective was to define a system architecture that is highly scalable and extensible.

  • Features built included onboarding, payment and billing, action and treatment plan, in-app chat, medical history, and more.

  • The mobile application was launched on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Platform handles user management and permission for multiple user roles.

Tech Stack

  • Flutter

  • MaterialUI

  • Firebase

  • Lottie

  • Python/Django

  • Numpy

  • Redis

  • MySQL